Market Stories in Charts | Week of 9th Jan 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on global inflation comparison, US and European equity comparison, AMFI’s recently released data on MF, a massive collection of 2023 financial prediction from experts and more.


1. Mutual Fund Dec 2022 data. Massive 223% jump in equity MF inflows over the previous month



2. Visualisation of 500+ experts’ predictions 2023. Brilliant!


3.  A comparison of US and European equity flows from Jan 22 to Jan 23



4. Ever Alot is a boxship at 400 meters long and with a capacity of more than 24,000 twenty-foot equivalent units – the world’s largest container ship. Hasn’t stopped at India yet. Most harbors along the coast of India aren’t deep enough to handle vessels like this.


5. Trend of mortgage approvals in the UK. way below expectations. Result of higher rates start showing up.


6.  US Fed research says that the shortfall in labour force participation is all because of retirements surge since 2020 – a pandemic effect?


7. Inflation around the world.


8. $SPX. S&P 500 dividends continued to move up, reaching new highs in every quarters, with a  >10% year-over-year increase.


9. What happened to US CPI the last time there was an epidemic. Way back in 1915 to 1922. It was Depression time.


10. If user car prices in US are an indicator of inflation rates, they were down 14.9% over the past year, the largest YoY decline on record.


11. Apparently the Fed rate hikes will continue because the real fed funds rate is still negative


12. Consequences of rising rates in US. Applications to refinance a mortgage have collapsed by 86%


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