Missed an SIP Payment? Here’s What to Expect

Life can throw curveballs, and sometimes, missing an SIP payment happens. But what happens next? Let’s dive into what you can expect if you miss a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) payment in India in 2023.  


Understanding the SIP Scenario


An SIP is a disciplined way to invest in mutual funds. Missing a payment disrupts the rhythm, but it’s not the end of the world.  


Impact on Investments


  • Delayed Growth: Missing an SIP payment delays the growth potential of your investment. Regular contributions compound over time, so skipping one affects the final corpus.


  • Opportunity Loss: Investment markets are unpredictable. Missing an SIP means losing out on potential opportunities that could arise during the missed period.


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Penalties and Consequences:


  • No Immediate Penalty: Generally, there’s no immediate financial penalty for a missed SIP. Your fund’s value isn’t directly affected.


  • Compounded Impact: However, missed payments result in a lower investment amount, leading to a compounded impact on the overall return over the investment tenure.


  • Cancellation After Missed Payments: Mutual fund companies usually don’t penalize for non-payment of a few SIP installments. However, your SIP will automatically be cancelled if you fail to make payments for three consecutive months. This could affect your investment strategy.


  • Bank Penalties: Keep in mind that dishonoring auto debit payments for SIPs might lead to penalties from your bank.


Getting Back on Track:


  • Regularise Payments: The best way to counteract the impact of a missed payment is to regularize your payments as soon as possible.


  • Missed SIP Facility: Here’s a nifty trick: if financial hiccups come your way, you have an option to skip a few SIP instalments without impacting your investment journey. Notify your mutual fund house by sending an SIP Stop Request at least 30 days in advance. This way, you can temporarily halt your SIP and prevent missed payments from piling up. This method can be initiated online or offline through a simple application form.


  • Resuming with a Fresh Start: Once your financial situation improves, and you’re ready to dive back into your SIP game, you can start a new SIP whenever you’re comfortable. Your existing investments will continue to earn returns in the background.


  • Existing Investments Continue to Grow: Your investments made via SIP in the mutual fund scheme will keep growing even if you halt your SIP. The scheme’s existing investments remain unaffected, continuing to earn returns. Remember, halting an SIP doesn’t mean withdrawing from the scheme. To redeem your investments, initiate a Redemption Request.


  • Redeeming Investments: When it’s time to cash in, you can easily redeem your investments. Redemption requests can be swiftly made online with a few clicks or offline using a Redemption Request Form.




While missing an SIP payment isn’t ideal, it’s not a financial disaster either. Regularity matters, but financial plans are adaptable. Stay informed, stay disciplined, and consider consulting a financial advisor if you’re unsure. The journey towards your financial goals continues, even after a missed step.  


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