Rs 3,000 Crore Asset Under Advice

Kuvera Manages Rs3,000 Crores in MF Investments

It’s Just The Start

We, at Kuvera, grew our Asset Under Advice over 10x in FY 2018-19! With industry AUM at 23.16 Lakh Crores at the end of Feb 2019, we have only just started. With your continued love and support, our goal is to advise on 10% of industry AUM in 5 years.

As the first completely free Direct Plan investment platform our focus has always been on clear, unbiased and simple advice. Today we want to highlight some of the things we don’t do. We do not use your behavioural biases to get you to transact more. Simply put, we do not use tricks. Tricks which create the illusion of higher future returns but do not actually improve future returns; tricks like showing which day of the month is best for investing in SIPs, or showing Mutual Fund star ratings for fund selection. Tricks don’t help you achieve higher returns – they are false promises! And there are many more out there – too many to list. Targeting greed, fear or complexity to get you to take actions which may not be in your best interests, is what we don’t do. We want you to be wary of such fallacies. We will work tirelessly to avoid them.

We understand your relationship with money and we want to simplify the process of managing wealth. A lot of new features are in the works and we cannot wait to bring them to you this year.



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