Siemens Share Price – Analysis & History

About Siemens Ltd


Siemens Ltd is a global conglomerate that specialises in electrification, automation, and digitalization. Siemens is a prominent supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis, and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technology. The company is a pioneer in industry solutions for infrastructure.




History of Siemens


The history of Siemens in India began more than 150 years ago. During the 1860s, new telegraph networks were being constructed throughout Europe to facilitate rapid communication between the most significant cities. A fledgling business named Siemens & Halske (S&H) planned to take on the enormous challenge of installing a landline 11,000 kilometres long and spanning various nations from London to Calcutta in just a few years (Kolkata). In 1867, Werner von Siemens and his brothers utilised their worldwide contacts to get funding for their ambitious project. In April 1868, the “Indo-European Telegraph Company” with headquarters in London was established to oversee the building and management of the new line. The building of the Indo-European telegraph line commenced in June of that year, following thorough planning and assignment of tasks. Despite numerous obstacles, the Siemens brothers were able to transmit the first message across the line on April 12, 1870, after only two years of construction. A international sensation, the telegram went from London to Calcutta in about 28 minutes. Since 1847, when Werner von Siemens founded the company, Siemens has an extensive history. He created the first pointer telegraph and electric dynamo in the world. It was established in India in 1957.


Siemens Engineering and Manufacturing Company of India Private Limited was incorporated on March 2 1957 as a private limited company under the name Siemens Engineering and Manufacturing Company of India Private Limited. – The company manufactures switchboards, switch gear, various types of motors up to 315 KW, assembles railway signalling equipment, X-ray and other electromedical equipment, instals, tests, and commissions electrical plant and equipment, performs repairs on motors, generators, transformers, calorific and measuring instruments, certain household appliances, and marine electrical equipment, and sells both its own and third-party-manufactured products. The Company entered into a collaboration arrangement with two West German companies, Siemens & Halske AG and Siemens-Schuckertwerke AG, on March 23, 1957. – By agreement dated 7 May, 1957 the Company assumed the assets and liabilities of the then-existing “Siemens Department” of Protos Engineering Company Private Limited, effective 1 April, 1957 as a going concern. At the time of the company’s incorporation, switchboard production was taking place in Worli, Mumbai.


Today, Siemens’ world-class solutions play a crucial role in India’s efforts to build a modern infrastructure.


Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd. (SHDL) merged with Siemens Ltd. on March 14, 2011 and was subsequently dissolved. Siemens Ltd. issued and allotted 3,134,700 fully paid–up Equity Shares of 2 each to former SHDL stockholders on March 24, 2011. The entirety of the company’s activities and undertakings are now transferred to Siemens Ltd. In 2010, Siemens Home Appliances introduced an energy-efficient washing machine model.


Siemens got the Certificate of Registration from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in May 2011 to operate Siemens Financial Services Private Limited, a non-banking finance company for its financial services business in India (SFSPL). SFSPL will concentrate on creating an asset financing business by offering loans, leases, and other finance products approved by the RBI to Siemens clients in the Industry, Energy, and Healthcare sectors in India, as well as seeking opportunities in third party markets.


In August of 2011, the Healthcare Sector of Siemens Ltd. installed five cutting-edge medical technologies at the Kovai Medical Center & Hospital in Coimbatore, therefore enhancing the quality and efficacy of healthcare in this city. In Tamil Nadu for the first time, these technologies provide highly accurate and early diagnosis of all types of diseases, hence facilitating exact treatment.


2011 Siemens – Siemens received an order worth Rs. 319 crores from PGCIL. Siemens set a major milestone by delivering its 100th Gas Insulated Switchgear.


During the 2020 fiscal year, New Orders decreased by 13.8% to Rs 107517 million, compared to Rs 124744 million in the 2019 fiscal year. Following the Government of India’s announcement of a nationwide lockdown beginning on March 24, 2020, the company’s manufacturing operations and project sites were temporarily suspended. As the nationwide lockdown eased in May, the supply chain and distribution channels remained to be affected, affecting the factory and project operations of the company. There were also complications due to import shipment clearance delays at seaports and airports. At the end of the 2020 fiscal year, capacity utilisation and product demand from the Company’s plants improved. In addition to incurring additional Health & Safety expenditures to prepare factories and project sites for reopening, the company had to spend additional costs in this area. On January 1, 2021, the Company divested its Mechanical Drives (MD) business as a going concern to Flender Drives Private Limited for a final consideration of Rs 3,759 million (after adjusting the consideration by Rs 4,400 million for changes in net current assets and capital expenditure in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties). On 1 March 2021, the Company bought 99.22% of the equity share capital of C&S Electric Limited from its promoters for a cash-free / debt-free price of Rs. 21588 million, under terms and conditions that were mutually agreed upon by the parties.


In 2021, Siemens and Switch Mobility Automotive signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaboratively address the needs of electric commercial vehicle clients and implement E-Mobility projects in India. Siemens has also secured agreements with the Indian Institute of Science and the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute to establish digital transformation laboratories. Tata-Siemens also undertook Joint venture to build Metro Corridor for Pune Metro under PPP Route.


Siemens has introduced “Siemens Xcelerator” in India at its Annual Flagship Event “Siemens India Innovation Day 2022” in Mumbai. Siemens Xcelerator is an open and developing digital business ecosystem that incorporates digital and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled offerings (software, hardware, and digital services) from Siemens and approved third parties.


Siemens Xcelerator aims to accelerate the digital transformation and production of value for customers of all sizes in industry, buildings, grids, and mobility. The selected portfolio of software, Internet of Things-enabled hardware, and digital services adheres to the design principles of interoperability, flexibility, openness, and as-a-service. A marketplace that facilitates interactions and transactions between customers, partners, and developers is also included in Siemens Xcelerator.


The Siemens Group in India consists of seventeen companies and directly employs over 18,000 people. Currently, the business comprises 21 manufacturing facilities, a nationwide network of Sales and Service offices, and more than 500 channel partners.


Industry, Energy, and Healthcare are the major business categories in which the Siemens Group operates in India. The Group’s businesses are represented through a variety of firms that cover these numerous market categories. Siemens provides to India cutting-edge technology that benefits clients by combining numerous high-end technologies for comprehensive solutions. The Group is able to combine all goods, systems, and services. It satisfies the needs of the industry across all market segments by executing comprehensive projects like as hospitals, airports, and industrial units.


Siemens has long been synonymous with engineering brilliance, innovation, quality, and dependability. The organisation focuses on electrification, automation, and digitization.


Major Business Segments under Siemens Ltd


  • Automation and Controls: Intelligent system solutions, ranging from building automation to process control to plant operation systems.


  • Energy: Siemens consolidates its innovative offers in the Energy industry by merging its comprehensive knowledge in Power Generation (PG) and Power Transmission & Distribution (PTD).


  • Healthcare: The Siemens Healthcare division enables earlier and more accurate disease diagnosis, contributing significantly to the improvement of healthcare quality.


  • Lighting: Osram, a subsidiary of Siemens, is one of the world’s major lighting manufacturers. Its lamps can be found on iconic monuments, interiors of buildings, and even in living homes across the globe.


  • Mobility: Products and solutions for railway signalling and safety systems, traffic control and automation, electrification, and traction equipment for locomotives, multiple unit systems, and public transportation vehicles.


  • Technology: Siemens Building Technologies specialises in providing electronic security and building automation systems to suit the growing demand for greater personal safety and more secure public and private infrastructures.


Why Should You Invest In Siemens stocks ?


Here are the few crucial factor that every investor must checkout before making a decision about investing in Siemen.


  • PE ratio: – Price to Earnings ratio, which reflects how much an investor is prepared to pay every rupee of earnings. As a rule of thumb, stocks with a low P/E ratio are undervalued (it depends on multiple factors). The PE ratio for Siemens share price is 86.29 which is high and relatively pricey.


  • Return on Assets (ROA) entails the following: – Return on Assets gauges a company’s ability to generate a profit from its investment in assets. In other words, ROA measures a company’s ability to turn the funds required to acquire assets into net income or profits. Siemens Share Price ROA of 4.79 percent is a negative indicator of future success. (better standards are always preferred)


  • Current Ratio: – The current ratio assesses the ability of a corporation to meet its short-term liabilities with its short-term assets. A greater current ratio is desirable so that the corporation can withstand unanticipated business and economic fluctuations. 1.80 is Siemens stocks Current ratio.


  • Return On Equity (ROE): It evaluates a company’s capacity to create profits from the investments of its shareholders. In other words, the return on equity ratio indicates the amount of profit generated per rupee of common stockholders equity. Siemens share price ROE is 11.13 percent. 


  • The Debt-to-Equity Ratio: It is a useful indicator for evaluating the financial structure and performance of a company. Siemens has a D/E ratio of 0.00, indicating that the company has a low debt-to-equity ratio.


  • Inventory Turnover Ratio: The turnover ratio is an activity ratio used to measure the liquidity of a company’s inventory. It measures the number of times an organisation has sold and replaced its inventory during a given time period. Siemens stocks Inventory turnover ratio of 9.74 demonstrates ineffective Inventory and working capital management on the part of management.


  • Sales growth: Siemens share price has recorded a revenue increase of 24,32%, which is consistent with its growth and performance.


  • Operating Margin: – This reveals the operational effectiveness of the business. Siemens’ operating margin for the current fiscal year is 11.43 percent.


  • Dividend Yield: – Indicates the proportion of dividends paid to the price of the stock. Siemens’ dividend for the current year is 8 rupees, and its yield is 0.3%.


Top Shareholder of Siemens Share Price


Below is a list of the top shareholders of Siemens shares/ stocks as of June 2022.

Shareholder No. of Shares Shares (%)
Siemen International Holding B.V. 16,98,82,943 47.70
Siemens Gas and Power Holding B.V. 8,54,68,862 24.00
Siemen Metals Technologies VermogensverwaltungsGmbH 1,17,38,108 3.30
Life Insurance Corporation of India 1,87,70,503 5.27
Mutual Funds 1,00,19,772 2.81
Insurance Companies 2,41,94,563 6.79
Foreign Portfolio Investors 1,93,09,668 5.42


Top Management of Siemens Ltd


Below is a list of top management Siemens as of June 2022


Name Designation
Sunil Mathur Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Daniel Spindler Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Deepak S Parekh Chairman
Mr. Retan Thaker Company Secretary & Compl. officer
Bhaskar Mandal Head, Digital Industries
Gerd Deusser Head, Energy
Robert H.K Demann Head, Smart Infrastructure
Tilak Raj Seth Head, Mobility


Highlights From Siemens’s Latest Quarterly Results – Q1 FY 23


  • Siemens Limited’s Revenue from continuing operations for the first quarter of Financial Year 2023, which ended on June 30, 2022, was Rs. 3,865 crore, a 51% increase over the same quarter the previous year.


  • New Orders from continuing operations reached Rs. 4,992 crore, a 20% increase compared to the same time the previous year.


  • The Company’s Order Backlog from continuing operations has reached a record high of Rs 17,856 crore.


  • Profit after tax from ongoing activities climbed by 85 percent year-over-year to 296 crore rupees.


  • Siemens uses a fiscal year that runs from October to September.


  • On a consolidated basis, the company’s net profit for the quarter under review increased twofold to Rs 300.70 crore from Rs 141.80 crore for the same quarter in the previous year. The company’s total revenue for the quarter ending June 30, 2022 increased by 50.12% to Rs 4337.00 crore, compared to Rs 2889.00 crore for the same quarter the previous year.


FAQ On Siemens


  • What is Siemens share price, and what are the returns for Siemens shares?

Siemens share price is INR 2,944.30 as of  22 September 2022. Siemens has provided a return of approximately

15.8% in the past five years as of 22th September 2022.


  • What are the 52-week highs and lows of Siemens share ?

As on 22nd September 2022: 

    • 52-wk high Rs 3,136.80
    • 52-wk low Rs 2,023.15


  • What are the key metrics to analyse Siemens Share Price ?

Key metrics to analyse siemens share price or any other share prices were: 52-week high, a 52-week low, 1-year return, 5-year return, etc. 


  • Who are the peers of Siemens?

Peers of Siemens stocks and shares include Havells India, Hitachi Energy India, ABB India etc.


  • What is the market cap of Siemens?

The market cap of Siemens is INR 1.1 lakh crores as of 20th September 2022 


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