The Golden Age of Investing

As we grew up, our parents (and their parents) taught us the fundamental financial truth that Gold (or Real Estate) is the best investment, depending on whom we asked. We Indians have always had a healthy distrust of the unknown, and mutual funds were one of the biggest unknowns. However, with the information revolution and the rising Investor education campaigns, we’ve come to realise that while mutual funds are subject to market risk, ‘Mutual funds Sahi hai.’ Mutual funds are the one-stop-shops for all our investing needs, from tax saving ELSS funds to low risk debt funds.

An investor education initiative by L&T Mutual Funds

Our parents’ lives are a testament to the traditional Indian mind-set about savings. The 2016 RBI report tells us that of the total wealth of Indian households, 77% is in Real estate, 11% in gold and less than 3% in financial assets. We have a long way to go before we reach the level of countries like Germany which has 37% of the household wealth is in financial assets, but we’re fast catching up. The mutual fund Industry, which was worth ₹5.45 trillion in 2008, has quadrupled to ₹25.20 trillion in 10 years. With ₹7500 crore SIP inflows into equity mutual funds every month, Indians are paving the way towards a better financial future.

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#MutualFundSahiHai, #KuveraSabseSahiHai!

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