The investment sale that you should add to your cart this festive season!

It’s the season of sale. All major festivities like Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, and the new year are lined up in the next few months.


All major brands will promote their festive sale and you will be tempted to buy things that you might not need. Before you spend your hard earned money in various e-commerce sites, we are here to inform you about a very important sale that most people will miss out on! 



It’s the stock market sale. Before you ask what’s a stock market sale? We’ll get to it but here’s some good news for you. 


This year, we have data that proves what we already told you before, 


SIP investments in mutual funds have remained consistent and in fact, hit record highs. Monthly SIP flow has bounced from Rs. 12,693 crore in August 2022 to Rs. 12,976 crore in September 2022.


This means that even during volatile market situations and a fear of economic slowdown, retail investors continued their mutual fund investments. People are being more diligent with there investments to avoid feeling the effects of the economic crises that may or may not happen.


We advice you to do the same. Your monthly SIPs should continue as per the timeline of your financial goal. Bear market can be your friend. 


The euphoria around stock market investment that we saw last year is fading. And you may not be feeling great about continuing your stock market investment. But from the above data, you can see that mutual funds are still one of the trusted tools for investors. It is important that you remain consistent with your investment. 


Remember, the products you get on these festive sale will not give you long term happiness or security, investment will! 




What is the stock market sale? 


The stock market as we all know is on a falling trend. We suggest you to invest more when the stock market is falling. Sounds counterintuitive?



Let us understand, 


If you are investing in a falling market, then you get more units for the same price and when the market eventually changes these units will have more jump and your overall investment returns will increase. 


So don’t be afraid of a bearish market. This Diwali, focus on the sale that most people will ignore, and get major discounts.  


And if you are yet to start your investment journey, then what better time to start your investment journey than now? 


Use this auspicious occasion of Diwali to begin your investments. We have a series of beginner friendly investment series where you can learn all about investing as a newbie. Start with six factors to consider before you start investing below. 


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