“You” Are “Investor Of The Year”


Yes you, us  – the Individual Investor!

You are investing in your goals. On average you add, invest for and track 2.2 goals on Kuvera. Returns still matter, but a focus on setting and reaching goals makes us confident that long-term plans will overcome short-term volatility.

You have overtaken institutional investors to grab a higher piece of mutual fund industry AUM. The share of the individual investors steadily rose from 48.8% of industry AUM in Nov’17 to 54% in Nov’18.

You invest primarily through rupee cost averaging a.k.a SIP with over 2.52 Crore SIP accounts in existence. SIP inflows were Rs 7,985 Crores in Nov’18 more than double of Rs 3,884 Crores just two years ago.

You are embracing low-cost index funds. While still nascent in India, index funds have grown from Rs 9,000 Crore AUM in 2008 to over Rs 1 lakh Crore in Aug 2018. You can plan your goals on Kuvera to see our index first portfolio recommendation.

You are helping your family and friends get started with Mutual Fund investments. Every week we are delighted by stories of you helping your friends in joining the most powerful wealth creation avenue known to man – the markets!

But above all.

You have been a calm investor, a cool cucumber. Through the ups and downs of 2018, we saw little irrational exuberance driven buying or panic-driven selling. In fact, week in and week out this has been our favourite chart (excludes SIP transactions),



And for that, “YOU” are “Investor Of The Year”.

You will always have what other investors lack.


Your return clock does not reset every year. You can wait out a few bad years without changing your plans or taking short-sighted decisions.

You are here to achieve your goals, to meet your financial obligations and live a good hearty life. And therein lies your strength.


Happy Investing 2019!


CEO | Kuvera

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