Zodingi: Happy Kuverian

Zodingi is a Happy Kuverian. An artisan baker from Aizawl, she is working towards opening a cafe in NCR. We spoke to Zodingi about her experience with Kuvera, India’s friendliest Direct Plan Investment Platform.

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Could you please tell us about yourself and your approach to financial planning?

I used to run a bakery/cafe in Aizawl and now am planning to open one in NCR. I would need funds to open the cafe, for which I am looking for loans and savings.

How did you learn about Kuvera?

Might sound like a cliche, but through my husband 😛

How were you investing in Mutual Funds before? Did you know about Direct Plans before Kuvera?

I did not invest before and no, I did not know about Direct Plans. Having started to invest now, I like not paying any commissions though 🙂

Why do you invest and why Mutual Funds?

I want to grow my money for retirement and to fund my bakery. I don’t want to start off by taking too much risk, so Mutual Funds are a good option.

What goals have you planned for?

I have planned for starting a business in the near future, a house, retirement by 50 and a surplus for health care.

How did you choose which schemes to invest in?

I have gone for part growth investment for funding the cafe, and part safe instruments for retirement plans.

Will you recommend Kuvera to your friends and colleagues?

Certainly. Direct plans through Kuvera guidance is here to stay.

Can you describe your experience with Kuvera?

It has been a good experiance so far. Account opening was done easily, and the
plans suggested fit perfectly with my goals. I can monitor my investments in real time basis and am loving it.

What about the fee?

Direct plan with such little fee is ideal for me.

Any message for us?

Keep up the good work.

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