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US Stock Exchanges have some of the world's most valuable and profitable companies listed. Industry titans like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, etc., are listed on the US Stock Exchanges. The companies listed on the US Stock Exchanges are some of the largest in terms of market cap. US stocks are also one of the most liquid investment options, since there is worldwide demand for stocks of US companies. Indian citizens can also now invest in US stock and earn potentially a stable income with low risk relative to the Indian stock market. If you want to get started on investing in shares of US companies, Kuvera is the perfect platform.

Kuvera is a 100% free online investment platform that helps investors fulfil their financial goals. There are no hidden costs, charges or commissions. However, investment in US stocks through Kuvera attracts a commission of 0.2% for each trade (up to $20).

How to Invest in US Stocks?

Stocks of companies listed on US Stock Exchanges are an attractive investment option. You can invest in some of the world's most renowned corporations like Google, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. Investing in these companies is simple if you use the Kuvera platform. You can start investing in US stocks from India through the Kuvera application or website in seconds.

In order to invest in the US Stocks you need to open a US investment account on Vested (a US stock market intermediary) using our app or website and start investing with an amount as low as US$10. Kuvera provides investment options in more than 1000 stocks and exchange-traded funds at no hidden costs. You can also own a fraction of stocks. Kuvera also provides fund transfer services to investors so that they can fund their Vested US Stock trading account to buy and sell shares. Vested account is similar to your Indian brokerage account.

You can open an account by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up using your mobile number or email ID on the Kuvera App or website.

Step 2: Fill in all the KYC details and complete registration formalities.

Step 3: Link your bank account with Kuvera and transfer the intended investment amount.

The Kuvera app and mobile platform allow investors to track the US Stock Markets live and keep a tab on the day's top gainers and losers, you can also filter stocks based industry, sector, market capitalization, and various other filters. You can also assess the US stock market performance based on the performance of US stock indices like the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500. These are similar to Indian indices like NSE Nifty 50 and BSE Sensex and can be used to gauge market sentiments.

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