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Have you ever been concerned about the impact of high Short Term Capital Gains (STCG) taxes when redeeming or switching your mutual fund holdings? We understand that these taxes can significantly affect your investment returns. That’s why we’re excited to present TradeSmart, a feature designed to help you navigate these tax implications with ease. So, what does TradeSmart offer?


Clear visibility on fund units outside the STCG window:


When it comes to equity funds, TradeSmart showcases units that were bought more than 1 year ago. For debt funds, it highlights units purchased over 3 years ago. By presenting this information, you can easily identify the units that fall outside the STCG window.


Precise information on Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains:


TradeSmart provides you with exact details on the Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains for your proposed transaction. This empowers you to plan your investments better, taking into account the tax implications of each transaction.



Insight into Exit Load for the fund:


Understanding the exit load associated with a fund is crucial when making investment decisions. TradeSmart simplifies this process by displaying the Exit Load for the majority of funds while redeeming. Notably, units outside the STCG window typically do not incur an Exit Load, making it even more convenient for you to switch or redeem your investments.


By leveraging TradeSmart, you can confidently switch or redeem fund units while minimizing the impact of Capital Gains taxes. It not only streamlines your investment decisions but also optimizes your tax planning strategies.


To access TradeSmart and take advantage of its benefits, simply activate it once on Kuvera. From then on, you can use this feature indefinitely, ensuring that you make informed investment choices while considering the least possible tax implications.


Don’t let high STCG taxes hinder your investment growth. With TradeSmart, you have the tools to trade smartly and navigate the world of capital gains taxes more effectively. By activating TradeSmart once on Kuvera, you can enjoy its benefits indefinitely!


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