How can Lord Krishna’s teaching help you in your financial journey?

Lord Krishna’s timeless wisdom, found within the sacred verses of the Bhagavad Gita, extends far beyond spirituality, delving into the realm of personal growth, ethics, and decision-making. His teachings stress the importance of embracing responsibilities with unwavering devotion and integrity, often emphasising that the right path may not be the easiest one. These invaluable insights urge us to confront challenges. 


Furthermore, Krishna’s emphasis on inner wisdom, maintaining composure in adversity, and finding balance in life offers profound guidance that extends into the realm of financial decision-making, as we’ll explore the inspired by the teachings of Lord Krishna.

Here are a few ways we can apply these lessons to our finances and make them our financial guideline:

1) Detachment: Krishna teaches us to not get too hung up on what might happen. In investment, this is best practiced by investing in Index funds and leaving the worrying to the experts. Avoid checking your portfolio frequently and let the power of compounding do its job. Letting go of the itch to do something whenever markets rise or fall, and trusting expert fund managers is the key to stress-free wealth creation.

2) Duty: Krishna tells Arjuna to do his duties without worrying about the results. Remember, wealth can be created with your day job earnings. Work hard at your job, earn and invest your savings for the the long term. 



3) Balance: Krishna teaches balance in life. Apply this to your finances by balancing your portfolio using diversification. You should also periodically rebalance your portfolio to ensure it stays true to your risk profile.

4) Self-control: On the battlefield, Arjuna felt deeply emotional about fighting his kin. Likewise, investors also tend to get emotional during investing. Sometimes, FOMO drives them to do what others are doing. As Krishna told Arjuna, keep your eyes focussed on your own goal. Avoid reacting on so-called hot tips, and don’t let the herd or emotions sway your investing decisions.


5) Educate: Just like Arjuna had Krishna as his wise charioteer during battle, think of financial knowledge as your guide in making smart investment choices. Financial literacy is the single most important skill for you and your loved ones. Keep yourself aware and keep learning, doing your research. Financial knowledge helps you understand the market and make more prudent choices.


This Janmashtami, embrace Krishna’s timeless teachings for wiser financial decisions. Make informed, emotionally detached choices, and secure a brighter financial future for you and your family.



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