Market Stories in Charts | Week of 20th Feb 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on India’s Lithium imports, India’s rental expense per city, Europe’s gas consumption reduction to combat the energy crises,  global high-inflation trend in 2022 and more.


  1. Here, we compare rent per month for a 1BHK in the city centre across India.


2.  Continuing on the Lithium discovery in J&K, we look at how India’s Li imports have fared through the years.


3.  India imported ~10k tonnes of #silver in 2022. Guess what, this was a third of all silver mined on the planet!


4. 2023 Growth projections for Solar Photovoltaic installations across the world.


5.  This is surprising. In Q4 2022, Europe reduced its gas consumption by over 20%, without any significant impact on industrial output.


6. In Japan and most western economies, Purchasing Power of Women has dipped. In 2022, it was lower than the year before the pandemic.


7. Countries that bucked the global high-inflation trend in 2022


8. Arctic ice is vanishing. This chart shows that the ice spread now is among the lowest on record. #GlobalWarming.


9. Fed Futures pricing shows we could be in for at least 3 more rate hikes this year.


10. The 50-year trend of Steel production across the world. China produces more steel than the rest of the world combined. India’s share has been growing since the mid-2000s.



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