The cost of delaying Investment Decisions

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Many people pay a heavy price for delaying their investment decisions. What starts with “I am far too young to be worried about investments,” or “I am waiting for the market to stabilize,” often ends up at “I wish I had begun earlier.” We tend to leave investment decisions to tomorrow because we don’t give much thought to the difference it could make.


Investing early can simplify your future goals. Eg.,the sooner you begin investing regularly, the higher your chances of providing your child with the future of their dreams. This will help maximize your savings through returns from investments, and ensure that you are ready to nurture their dreams and passions in every way possible.

Ask yourself a few questions – what’s the cost of your child’s education goal? How much can you invest and for how long?


Here’s what happens. The sooner you start putting money aside for your financial goals, the better off you’ll be. The longer you delay, the more sacrifices you’ll have to make to catch on to things. This is how compounding works—it allows for a small sum of money invested over a longer period, to grow to a significantly larger amount.How? The interest rate benefit is compounded & the effect only keeps going on longer the investor stays invested.


Points To Remember While Investing:

1. Start early:

Irrespective of the amount, getting started as soon as your first salary is a great idea. A small sum of money invested over a long period gains more returns than a large sum invested afterward.


2. Treat Investments like monthly bills:

Automate your investments with a Systematic investment plan (SIP), so you never miss it or delay it.


3. Have patience :

One of the common mistakes people make is withdrawing their assets in the middle, believing they have already made decent returns or anticipating worse market performance in the future. Remember that the speed of returns in the early years is often slow, and returns begin to compound progressively over time. An investor must wait for their investment to attain its goal on its own.


Markets have always been volatile by nature, but when combined with the power of compounding, it averages out the risk and reaps great returns by simply staying invested over a long time. So, the bottom line is that it pays to start investing early and keep at it.




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