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Equity-NMS: AQMS
(26 Feb)
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About Aqua Metals Inc

Aqua Metals, Inc. is engaged in reinventing metals recycling with its patented AquaRefining technology. The Company is pioneering a sustainable recycling solution for materials strategic to energy storage and electric vehicle manufacturing supply chains. The Company’s AquaRefining is a low-emissions, closed-loop recycling technology that replaces polluting furnaces and hazardous chemicals with electricity-powered electroplating to recover metals and materials from spent batteries with purity, lower emissions, and minimal waste.

Its AquaRefining process produces purity metals and alloys that can be returned into the battery manufacturing supply chain. AquaRefining process has two key elements. The first is its use of a non-toxic solvent, which dissolves metal compounds. The second is an electro-chemical process modular and its Aqualyzer cells that selectively target each critical element and converts the dissolved metal compounds into high purity metals and/or salts. .


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