5 affordable date ideas that will not burn a hole in your pocket

Most people find dating an expensive affair. It’s true, most date nights involve fancy places, fancy outfits, and expensive gifts. But, it doesn’t have to be. Dates are supposed to be about spending quality time with each other and getting to know each other while having a good time. 


Here are some simple and affordable date ideas that are not boring.


1. Cook for them


It doesn’t matter if it’s a first date or if you have been together for a while, cooking for your partner will always remain a classic date. Depending on your skill and the level of effort you want to put in, you can prepare a simple dish or an elaborate fancy meal. Put some effort into the table set up and music to create a romantic atmosphere. 


simple date ideas


2. Go for a walk on a beach/scenic park


There is nothing that says quality time like taking a leisurely walk on a beach or a scenic park. Just figure out a place in your city that is away from hustle and bustle and spend some time together talking and snacking on some street food.


You can also take it up a notch by figuring out a place to walk with a good view of the sunrise or sunset or a lane that has historic monuments and other hidden gems in the city. 




3. Take them to a bookstore


Most people love to browse through the racks of books in cute bookshops. Going to a bookstore will immediately kick start the conversation about your partner’s likes and dislikes. This will ensure that you will never have to experience the awkward pause in conversation where both of you don’t know what to talk about next. 


These days many bookstores also have cafes attached so that you can sit down, read your book or have some conversations over coffee. 


bookstore date idea


Another great idea that is similar is a book exchange. Here you exchange books that you think your partner will like and then discuss the same with each other. 


The basic idea is to find a common hobby and to use it to make the date interesting. 


4. Volunteer together


If you and your partner believe in any common social cause, then you can volunteer together. This might not be a very traditional date idea but this can be a great bonding experience. You can volunteer at pet shelters, beach cleaning drives, old age homes, orphanages, and even teach kids from lower-income families. 


unique date ideas - Kuvera


This is a great idea for people who have tried all the traditional dates and are looking for something different and gratifying. 


5. Plan a vacation  



No, we are not trying to be cruel here. Even when you don’t have the money to take a trip, planning the trip with every detail can be a really fun exercise. Find a place where both of you would like to go and plan everything you would do there, and all the expenses that you would incur. 


Once you are done with your planning and figure out all the expenses, you can start saving up for the trip using Kuvera’s goal-based investment plans. You never know, what started out as a fun date idea might actually turn into a vacation together sometime in the future. 


These are only a few generic affordable date ideas. Based on your partner’s likes and dislikes as well as your budget you can tweak these and make it even more fun and interesting. It’s always better to let your partner know that you are on a budget and that you are willing to make an extra effort to make the date special for them. 


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