Folk Tales: The Ant and the Grasshopper



Have you considered investing in a mutual fund for the long term, say, 10-15 years, from the start of your career? If you haven’t already, it’s time to start investing for your future to benefit you in your retirement phase! Mutual funds meet all of your long-term investment needs.


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We will assist you by conveying a short story that will assist you in mutual fund investment from early in your life! The story is about “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”


The story portrays that once upon a time, there lived an ant and a grasshopper. They were best of friends. On a sunny day, the grasshopper was having great fun, playing, singing, and dancing in the sun, all by itself. 


Where his friend, ant was working damn hard to collect food grains for its survival. 


The grasshopper couldn’t understand why his friend was doing so! He asked, “Hey ant, why aren’t you coming outside and playing with me?”


The ant replied, “I cannot, as I am storing food for the winter when there won’t be anything to eat.”


The grasshopper laughed and replied to the ant, “Why are you worrying now? There is plenty of food out there.”


The grasshopper continued to play while his friend worked hard to collect food for him.


When winter arrived, the grasshopper didn’t find a single grain of food to eat. He was tensed: how should he survive now?


The grasshopper then realised, thinking of his friend, that it was a good idea to prepare ahead for the days of necessity. 


What is the moral of the story?


The moral of the story is to plan ahead of time for the requirements that will arise tomorrow. Disciplined investments provide sustenance in the years following retirement.


Now the question is: Do any of you face a similar situation regarding retirement planning?


Maybe sometimes, you may face such situations. 


Retirement plan is one of the most important goals of an individual investor, yet most of you might neglect it. While investors typically behave more like the grasshopper, Mr. Spender, than the ant, Mr. Saver. 


Mr. Saver, like the ant, will plan for his goal and invest in mutual funds regularly for his retirement.


Mr. Spender, on the other hand, like the grasshopper, would live life as if there was no tomorrow and splurge for instant gratification.


How do we tackle this situation?


  • Perform a backward calculation using your planned retirement corpus, 
  • An assumed rate of return
  • For a given tenure
  • You can calculate your monthly investment planning, which can be invested in Mutual Funds retirement plans.


Remember that the difficult part is only the first step. Therefore, begin planning for your retirement with mutual fund investments. Stay focused on your goals and asset allocation, and stay invested!


This is how the story is explained easily through grasshopper and ant that will help you plan mutual fund investments at a young age and lead a much better retirement life when above 60 or 65!


Benefits of retirement planning


Planning early in life has its advantages, but you may wonder what the benefits of retirement planning are. The fact remains that mutual funds are a safer and better retirement option. Here are three factors to consider when deciding between mutual funds and pension plans: flexibility, efficiency, and transparency.


The advantages of retirement planning include:


  • Emergency financial reserves
  • Investment returns
  • Tax advantages
  • Savings on expenses
  • Financial self-sufficiency
  • Inflation
  • Source of income for private sector employees with no pension
  • Possibilities for Legacy
  • Asset and property protection


Choosing the Most Retirement Plan


Before purchasing a mutual fund, research which fund is best for you. While conducting your research, keep the following points in mind about the best mutual funds to invest in and select accordingly.


  • Years until retirement: If you are in your early working years – between the ages of 22 and 35 – you may want to choose a moderate risk fund with consistent investment growth and appreciating returns. 


  • Risk tolerance: As an investor, you may have a risk level with which you are comfortable. Select a fund with a risk level that corresponds to your standard.



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