Invest early, retire rich.

Presenting the best of investor education content, #CuratedByKuvera. This video by @ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund explains why investing in mutual funds is beneficial for your retirement planning.



What are your retirement goals? Travel the world; start a venture of your own, or probably just spend quality time with your family?!


 All these dreams require you to begin financial planning immediately. Once you retire, you will no longer have a regular income. So you will need a financial cushion to maintain your lifestyle and enjoy your golden years. This calls for goal-based planning.


The biggest mistake people make while planning for retirement is that they start thinking about it when they are about to hit that age.


Here’s the thing – mere bank savings will not be enough because of the inflation bug. So it’s necessary to invest in financial instruments that can give you regular cash flow along with good returns. And what can be more apt than investing in Mutual Fund Retirement plans!


There are many benefits of investing in Mutual Funds for your future planning:

1. They simplify your post-retirement finances.

2. SWP facility provides regular cash flow.

3. Active fund management.

4. It gives you the benefits of asset allocation.

5. Lock-in period of 5 years or till your retirement whichever comes first.


With so many benefits one should always remember that regular investing is the key to long-term wealth creation. It can be achieved through investing in small amounts through SIPs that let you invest according to your own convenience and requirements.


So plan your investments today and retire rich, by ensuring adequate cash flow with Mutual Fund plans.


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